List of 2" Quad (PNP/BNF)

This list is refresh each week to have the latest 2 inch quad (PNP/BNF) and new information for each one.

Do no hesitate to contact me for details, to add more information about a 2 inch quad, to correct a mistake or if you want to add your 2 inch quad in this list !(

I provided the best information that I can found and only with stock parts.

Main features

Name Price Weight Indoor/Outdoor LIPO Wheelbase Receivers
Falcon F15 140$ 80g Both 2S/3S 95mm PNP (SBUS only)
TransTec Demon 140$ 80g Both 2S/3S 95mm PNP
Aurora 90 100$ 72.7g Both 2S 90mm DSM/DSM2/FrSky/FlySky
SPCMaker SPC K1 195$ 81g Both 2S/4S 95mm DSM/DSM2/FrSky/FlySky/Futaba/PNP


Name FC Motor Camera Smartaudio LIPO Connector
Falcon F15 F3 1106/6000kv 25mw Yes XT30
TransTec Demon F3 1104/6800kv 25mw Yes XT30
Aurora 90 F3 ?? 25mw No JST
SPCMaker SPC K1 F4 1105/600kv Runcam Split Mini 2 + 25/100mw XT30