Best Brushless Tiny Whoop quad !

This list is refresh each week to have the latest brushless tiny whoop and new information for each one.

Do no hesitate to contact me for details, to add more information about a tiny whoop, to correct a mistake or if you want to add your tiny whoop in this list !(

I provided the best information that I can found and only with stock parts.

Main features

Name Price Weight Indoor/Outdoor LIPO Wheelbase Receivers
FullSpeed TinyLeader 125$ 41g Both 2/3S 75mm Frsky/Flysky/DSM2/DSMX/PNP
FullSpeed TinyLeader HD 175$ 53g Both 2/3S 75mm Frsky/Flysky/DSM2/DSMX/PNP
Trashcan 99$ 33g Both 2S 75mm Frsky/Flysky/DSM2/DSMX
UR65 83$ 20.5g Both (no wind) 1S 65mm Frsky/Flysky
UK65/US65 70$ 21.5g Both (no wind) 1S 65mm Frsky/Flysky
Beta75X 140$ 41g Outdoor 2S 75mm Frsky/Flysky/DSMX/Futuba/PNP
Beta65X 130$ 26g Both 2S 65mm Frsky/Flysky/DSMX/Futuba/PNP
Beta75 Pro 2 99$ 28g Outdoor 2S 75mm SPI Frsky/Flysky/DSMX/Futuba/PNP
Beta65 Pro 2 99$ 24g Both 2S 65mm SPI Frsky/Flysky/DSMX/Futuba/PNP
Mobula7 96$ 25.9g Outdoor 2S 75mm Frsky/Flysky/DSM2/DSMX
Inductrix 150$ 55g Both 1S ?? Spektrum
Snapper6 96$ 28.2g Both (no wind) 1S 65mm Frsky
Snapper7 81$ 28g Both (no wind) 1S 75mm Frsky/Flysky
Beta65 Pro 109$ 23.29g Indoor 1S 65mm Frsky/DSMX/S-FHSS/PNP
Beta75 Pro 109$ 28.4g Indoor 1S 75mm Frsky/DSMX/S-FHSS/PNP
HBRC HB65S 120$ 29.9g Both (no wind) 1S 65mm Frsky/Flysky
Warlark 85 Pro 170$ ?? Both (no wind) 1S 85mm DSM2/DSMX
BoldClash BWhoop B06 103$ 27g Both (no wind) 1S 77mm Frsky/Flysky/DSM2/Futaba/PNP
Microsquad Pro 65 125$ 20.75g Both (no wind) 1S 65mm Frsky
Microsquad Pro 75 125$ 24.8g Both 1S 75mm Frsky
LDARC TINY GT7 120$ 40.5g Outdoor 2S 75mm DSM2/Flysky/Frsky/PNP
LDARC TINY GT8 120$ 47.8g Outdoor 2S 87mm DSM2/Flysky/Frsky/PNP
Emax TinyHawk 99$ 29g Both (no wind) 1S 75mm Frsky (D8)
Viva FPV Team Blacksheep 50$ ?? Both 1/2S 65mm PNP


Name FC Motor Camera Smartaudio Propeller LIPO Connector
FullSpeed TinyLeader F4 1103/11000kv Caddx Micro F2 IRC Tramp 40mm XT30
FullSpeed TinyLeader HD F4 1103/11000kv Caddx Turtle V2 IRC Tramp 40mm XT30
Trashcan F4 Pro 0803/16000kv Caddx EO2 1200TVL/25/200mw Yes 40mm PH2.0
UR65 F3 0603/17000kv 700TVL/25mw No 31mm PH2.0
UK65/US65 F3 0603/19000kv 700TVL/25mw Yes 31mm PH2.0
Beta75X F4 1103/11000kv Z02 25/200mw Yes 40mm XT30/PH2.0
Beta65X F4 0802/17500kv Z02 25/200mw Yes 31mm PH2.0
Beta75 Pro 2 F4 0802/12000kv AIO 25mw Yes 40mm PH2.0
Beta65 Pro 2 F4 0802/17500kv AIO 25mw Yes 31mm PH2.0
Mobula7 F3 0802/16000kv 700TVL/25mw Yes 40mm PH2.0
Inductrix ?? 0706/15000kv 25mw Yes (via Spektrum) 40mm PH2.0
Snapper6 F3 0603/19000kv 700TVL/25mw No 31mm PH2.0
Snapper7 F3 0703/19000kv 700TVL/25mw No 40mm PH2.0
Beta65 Pro F4 0603/16000kv Z01 25mw No 31mm PH2.0
Beta75 Pro F4 0703/19000kv Z01 25mw No 40mm PH2.0
HBRC HB65S F3 0603/20000kv 800TVL/25mw No 31mm PH2.0
Warlark 85 Pro F3 1103/6400kv 600TVL/25mw Yes (via Spektrum) 40mm PH2.0
BoldClash BWhoop B06 SPRACING-F3 0703/15000kv 800TVL/25mw No 40mm PH2.0
Microsquad Pro 65 F3 0603/20000kv HCF9/25mw No 31mm PH2.0
Microsquad Pro 75 F3 0703/20000kv HCF9/25mw No 40mm PH2.0
LDARC TINY GT7 F3 0803/9000kv 800TVL/25mw No 1.5inch (1535) ??
LDARC TINY GT8 F3 0804/7500kv 800TVL/25mw No 1.9inch (1935) ??
Emax TinyHawk F4 08025/15000kv 600TVL/25mw Yes 40mm PH2.0
Viva FPV Team Blacksheep F3 0603/15000kv TBS TinyCamera / TBS Unify Pro Nano 5G8 TBS Micro Race Props PH2.0