Best Brushless Tiny Whoop quad !

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I provided the best information that I can found and only with stock parts.

Main features

Name Price Weight Indoor/Outdoor LIPO Wheelbase Receivers
FullSpeed TinyLeader 125$ 41g Both 2/3S 75mm Frsky/Flysky/DSM2/DSMX/PNP
FullSpeed TinyLeader HD 175$ 53g Both 2/3S 75mm Frsky/Flysky/DSM2/DSMX/PNP
Trashcan 99$ 33g Both 2S 75mm Frsky/Flysky/DSM2/DSMX
UR65 83$ 20.5g Both (no wind) 1S 65mm Frsky/Flysky
UK65/US65 70$ 21.5g Both (no wind) 1S 65mm Frsky/Flysky
Beta75X 140$ 41g Outdoor 2S 75mm Frsky/Flysky/DSMX/Futuba/PNP
Beta65X 130$ 26g Both 2S 65mm Frsky/Flysky/DSMX/Futuba/PNP
Beta75 Pro 2 99$ 28g Outdoor 2S 75mm SPI Frsky/Flysky/DSMX/Futuba/PNP
Beta65 Pro 2 99$ 24g Both 2S 65mm SPI Frsky/Flysky/DSMX/Futuba/PNP
Mobula7 96$ 25.9g Outdoor 2S 75mm Frsky/Flysky/DSM2/DSMX
Inductrix 150$ 55g Both 1S ?? Spektrum
Snapper6 96$ 28.2g Both (no wind) 1S 65mm Frsky
Snapper7 81$ 28g Both (no wind) 1S 75mm Frsky/Flysky
Beta65 Pro 109$ 23.29g Indoor 1S 65mm Frsky/DSMX/S-FHSS/PNP
Beta75 Pro 109$ 28.4g Indoor 1S 75mm Frsky/DSMX/S-FHSS/PNP
HBRC HB65S 120$ 29.9g Both (no wind) 1S 65mm Frsky/Flysky
Warlark 85 Pro 170$ ?? Both (no wind) 1S 85mm DSM2/DSMX
BoldClash BWhoop B06 103$ 27g Both (no wind) 1S 77mm Frsky/Flysky/DSM2/Futaba/PNP
Microsquad Pro 65 125$ 20.75g Both (no wind) 1S 65mm Frsky
Microsquad Pro 75 125$ 24.8g Both 1S 75mm Frsky
LDARC TINY GT7 120$ 40.5g Outdoor 2S 75mm DSM2/Flysky/Frsky/PNP
LDARC TINY GT8 120$ 47.8g Outdoor 2S 87mm DSM2/Flysky/Frsky/PNP
Emax TinyHawk 99$ 29g Both (no wind) 1S 75mm Frsky (D8)
Viva FPV Team Blacksheep 50$ ?? Both 1/2S 65mm PNP


Name FC Motor Camera Smartaudio Propeller LIPO Connector
FullSpeed TinyLeader F4 1103/11000kv Caddx Micro F2 IRC Tramp 40mm XT30
FullSpeed TinyLeader HD F4 1103/11000kv Caddx Turtle V2 IRC Tramp 40mm XT30
Trashcan F4 Pro 0803/16000kv Caddx EO2 1200TVL/25/200mw Yes 40mm PH2.0
UR65 F3 0603/17000kv 700TVL/25mw No 31mm PH2.0
UK65/US65 F3 0603/19000kv 700TVL/25mw Yes 31mm PH2.0
Beta75X F4 1103/11000kv Z02 25/200mw Yes 40mm XT30/PH2.0
Beta65X F4 0802/17500kv Z02 25/200mw Yes 31mm PH2.0
Beta75 Pro 2 F4 0802/12000kv AIO 25mw Yes 40mm PH2.0
Beta65 Pro 2 F4 0802/17500kv AIO 25mw Yes 31mm PH2.0
Mobula7 F3 0802/16000kv 700TVL/25mw Yes 40mm PH2.0
Inductrix ?? 0706/15000kv 25mw Yes (via Spektrum) 40mm PH2.0
Snapper6 F3 0603/19000kv 700TVL/25mw No 31mm PH2.0
Snapper7 F3 0703/19000kv 700TVL/25mw No 40mm PH2.0
Beta65 Pro F4 0603/16000kv Z01 25mw No 31mm PH2.0
Beta75 Pro F4 0703/19000kv Z01 25mw No 40mm PH2.0
HBRC HB65S F3 0603/20000kv 800TVL/25mw No 31mm PH2.0
Warlark 85 Pro F3 1103/6400kv 600TVL/25mw Yes (via Spektrum) 40mm PH2.0
BoldClash BWhoop B06 SPRACING-F3 0703/15000kv 800TVL/25mw No 40mm PH2.0
Microsquad Pro 65 F3 0603/20000kv HCF9/25mw No 31mm PH2.0
Microsquad Pro 75 F3 0703/20000kv HCF9/25mw No 40mm PH2.0
LDARC TINY GT7 F3 0803/9000kv 800TVL/25mw No 1.5inch (1535) ??
LDARC TINY GT8 F3 0804/7500kv 800TVL/25mw No 1.9inch (1935) ??
Emax TinyHawk F4 08025/15000kv 600TVL/25mw Yes 40mm PH2.0
Viva FPV Team Blacksheep F3 0603/15000kv TBS TinyCamera / TBS Unify Pro Nano 5G8 TBS Micro Race Props PH2.0