Best 2S LIPO for Brushless Tiny Whoop

Do no hesitate to contact me for details, to add more information about a new 2S LIPO, to correct a mistake or if you want to add your LIPO in this list !(

For most of these 2S LIPO, you will need to solder an XT30 connector to fit an existing Brushless Tiny Whoop, so here few links:

Name Price Weight Dimension Amp Discharge Plug Link
Nano-Tech 6.34$ 19g 45x17x12mm 300mah 45C/90C JST Amazon HobbyKing
Tattu 6.24$ 20g 46x16x14MM 300mah 45C JST Amazon
BetaFPV 9.90$ 20g 57.8x16.3x12MM 350mah 35C/70C XT30 Amazon