And here we go ! After the success of the first TinyHawk, EMAX did a new quad: TinyHawk S.

You can order (YES ORDER THEY HAVE STOCK) it now:

You can PRE-ORDER it:

So what's new with this one ? Of course 2S was one of the main drawback of the first version so they fixed that. Moreover turtle mode was also a pain with the first propellers so they fixed that too.

Here the first specifications (I will update them later with more information).

  • Frame: same as the previous one (but stronger and black)
  • FC: 2S/1S LIPO support with also a capacitor
  • Props: turtle props (4 blades)
  • Motors: 0802 15500kv
  • VTX: still 25mw
  • RX: FrSky D8
  • JST to XT30 connector for classical 2S LIPO
  • Different PID profile for 1S and 2S