When I got my FrSky Xlite, one of the main problem was to get 18650 battery. Next it was to charge them via an external charger. But FullSpeedRC has identified this problem and created a charger module for 10$ to put directly in your Xlite by soldering it.

So basically this module will allow you:

  • charge your 18650 batteries directly by plugging USB cable
  • charge your batteries and continue to flight during the same time (so no need to wait)
  • a LED to indicate the end of charging (BLUE -> charging, nothing -> charged)

Open your FrSky Xlite

It is maybe the most difficult part ;) The first things is to remove the two screws on the back of your xlite, that's the only thing that prevent you to open it (except some plastic lock).


After that do not forget to remove the batteries from your Xlite:

And use a flat screw by inserting it between the two components in order to open it:

It is clearly the most difficult part, and do it carefully to not break the plastic. It is difficult because there is some plastic clip that prevents you a little bit.

Now you need to remove the two screws at the bottom and the antenna in order to put the FullSpeedRC Xlite charger behind:

You should have access:

Solder the wires of the module

Now you need to solder the wires of the module before inserting it in the Xlite, and add some hot glue in order to prevent any contact:

and use the providing screw to attach it:

So now you can put in place the existing module, and check carefully that any new wires will prevent the movement of the sticks:

Solder the module in the Xlite

Here the next tricky part, my advise is to use a thin pan like the default on the TS100:

  • white wire on 1S pad
  • yellow wire on 2S pad
  • black wire on the GND pad
  • red wire (+5v) on the capacitor identified in the photo



Attach with hot glue the LED near the GND pad to see it a little bit when you will close the xlite.

Moreover add some hot glue on the antenna to fix it correctly:

And voila ! That's all you need to do. It is really quick and for 10$ you don't have to remove the battery ! If you have any doubt you can check also the manual on FullSpeedRC website.