I'm sure you got the Beta85X HD, no ? seriously ? Oh come on, you can get it on BetaFPV website.

The original canopy of the Beta85X HD is not too bad but you will be probably interesting to get something unbreakable ?

So there is a modified canopy of the original one that you could found interesting.


There is multiple advantages of this one:

  • 2 more mounting holes for the front and the back. If you have some vibration or jello it could probably solve your problem
  • more space in the canopy for the caddx turtle v2 board, and also much more tilt for the camera !
Beta85X HD Canopy - Diable Beta85X HD Canopy - Crazy Beta85X HD Canopy - Dino

In case you want some, check my new shop !

You could also want to add some ND filters for the camera, in this case you could get this piece of TPU:

to insert any ND filters.