Beta75 Pro 2 is definitevely for me the best 2S whoop that could buy right now for 99$. So let's change the canopy, the camera and add some leds !

Moreover it seems that BetaFPV is using Gemfan props as stock propellers so it is perfect:

The first thing to change is probably the canopy, by using a TPU one.

I did some modification of an existing one to use the extra holes on the frame. It will resolve one of the main problem that I see during flights. With the other canopy I printed, after some crash I broke the mount for the FC board because the screws to hold the canopy use the same hole. But BetaFPV has added external hole used by the canopy of the 85X HD for example. So I remixed the existing canopy that support 65/75 pro 2 frame and 85X frame, for Caddx EOS2 Camera or the stock one. My advice is to print this canopy by using TPU filament without support.




By using the frame you will not break the mounting hole of the FC board after a crash.

You can print your own by downloading the STL file here:

The next thing is probably to add some fancy led board because it is pretty cool, and during a race you can see easier all the quads.

You can solder the led board on the bottom of the FC board. On the left you will need to solder respectively:

  • the yellow wire for the led connection
  • the black wire for GND
  • the red wire for +5V

Normally for the LED connection, nothing is soldered, but you need to solder the GND and 5V on existing wires.




The last thing to do is to change the stock camera by the Caddx EOS2. This camera is cheap and works really well with light changement and the colors are nice.

All you need to do is to cut the existing wires of the stock camera and solder the wires of the Caddx EOS2. It seems that on some board BetaFPV uses only black wires ;) So it is not easy to know which one is the correct. So to help you, you need to locate the "BetaFPV" symbol on the top right of the board and according to that the wires will be:

  • camera signal
  • 5V
  • GND