I'm pretty sure you could be lost with all these new brushless TinyWhoop recently !

So I got an idea to help users to filter/sort all these quads, based on some criterias like your radio receiver, the LIPO, is it a good one for cinewhoop ? All criterias that we think when we want to buy a new one ;) But it is also a good way to find quickly any new stock spare part or custom one, like for example you brok your camera one more time on your quad ;)

So here you go

It will help you to pick up a quad with multiple combinaison. Let's take the scenario where you want a brushles TinyWhoop:

  • that will work with your DSMX radio
  • that will have a good stock camera like the Caddx
  • where you can have mount easily some led because it is beautiful ;)
  • with 11XX motors ?



So it will be a quad from BetaFPV, the 85X in this case ;)

But imagine that you have a low budget but still something that could fit your needs ? So let's say under 100$ with 200mw output power for the VTX and without receiver ?



For each TinyWhoop you can click on it to see more details, like where to get it, where to get some spare parts, images and review !



New quads/filters will appears in the next days to improve that !

Stay tuned !!!