BetaFPV released 2 new quads, the Pro 2 version. It is basically an update of their previous one with a major difference: the main board is an AIO board that include the FC, the ESC and the FrSky/FlySky receiver (for SPI version).

It is a pretty big changement, because with this modification they obtained a low weight:

  • from 26g to 24g for the 65 mm version
  • from 42g to 28g for the 75 mm version

It is pretty huge, specially for the 75 mm. Moreover the price dropped too, and both versions are now at 99$.

The first time I tried the Beta 75 Pro 2, I was really surprised by how fast it is !! And you know what ? It is pretty fun and no more yaw washout compare to the previous one.

The canopy is still really fragile and I broke it after my first crash (not a big one), but it is something that you could change by a TPU one for few dollars. The camera is still not at the Caddx level, but it is not bad either.

Globally I think it is really a good value for 99$, but it can be use only outdoor or in a gymnasium. The sensation during the flight are good and fixed compared to the first version and even if I can find some drawbacks about it, you have plenty of tip and tricks on internet to mod it (it is really a big difference !).

If you are searching a 75mm for less than 100$, you can buy it directly !!

In the next sections, I will inspect the quad, and detail each part of it in order to attribute some note to have a good overview on how it is cool !

Frame 4/5

It is the same as for the Beta75X. It is durable and good quality. You have a led support an so it seems possible to use it !


Canopy 1/5

The canopy is also the same that we have with the Beta75X. The bad news is it is still the same problem: it is too FRAGILE. But the good news is that we have a ton of TPU canopy that you will be able to find on internet:


Right now a good TPU canopy to get could be find here.

Propellers 3/5

The propellers are the default one that we could find now in all standard quads, it is a 40mm propellers, strong and durable, and you are able to find it everywhere.

For the quality of the flight, I'm sure we could find better one (Gemfan, etc).

Like each quad from BetaFPV now, they are using props out (to speed up the turn in a corner for example), so if you change any props, please take care ;)


Flight Controller 4/5

It is an F4 board (STM32F411 processor), with BetaFlight version XXX. There is not specific things about that, all the wire and soldering seems good. The only thing to note is the AIO board that allow such weight !

ESC 4/5

As said in the previous section, the ESC are in the same board with the FC. The ESC can support a 5A continuous and a peak to 6A current.

Motors 4/5

Motors are 0802/12000kv from BetaFPV. It is good and enough powerful to play with it.

As usual the motors are plug and play, so even if you break one, it is pretty easy to switch !

Camera 1/5

The camera is not the best quality, it is possible to flight with it, but if you have already see the quality of a Caddx EOS 2 or Micro F2, you will want that only ;)

The FOV is between 100-120 degrees with 1/4 lens.

Here few screenshots to show you the quality compare to the TinyLeader for example:

VTX 3/5

The VTX works correctly (PAL) but only at 25mW output power :( I think they should have included at least 200mW output power, it can improve the quality of the reception in many cases. The antenna is a classic dipole, it is not the best one but the job is done !

Otherwise, Smart Audio is present and you can switch the frequency (5.8GHz 6 bands 48 channels, with Raceband: 5362~5945MHz) easily via the OSD.


Receiver 5/5

A good thing is to have integrated FrSky/FlySky receiver directly in the board via SPI. It is normally faster but I have not see a big difference. But at least it will save a little bit of grams ;)

Moreover you will be able to get it with an external receiver (FrSky/FlySky/DSMX) and a PNP version.

Box 4/5

In the box you will find 2 BetaFPV 1S LIPO (300mAh) to use it directly with the JST PH2.0 connector.

The box contains also a spare camera mount with 25 degree tilt if you want to change.

In the box, you have also a foam to help you to secure the 1S LIPO in the frame, to avoid them to rip off the quad during a flight. You will find also two pins. Why ? You can use them to use the Beta75 Pro 2 on 1S directly by inserting a pin in one of the JST PH2.0 connector.


For me, another canopy could be included in the box, that's the only drawback.

Spare Parts 5/5

It is available directly on BetaFPV website and many retailers. You will find all spare parts that you need easily and quickly !

Price 5/5

99$ is a real good price for what you have in the box and how this quad performs !

Setup 5/5

The bind button is in the back of the board (for the SPI version), so the only thing to do is to push it when you insert the LIPOs !

By default you will need to go in BetaFlight in order to enable the ARM mode with a specific switch, but that's the only thing to do.

Flight 5/5

It is AWESOME ! You will feel like a in a F1 with this tiny beast. No more props out, no default during the flight, the default PID are ok. Good job BetaFPV !

Global note 15.5/20

If you read until here, now you want to have one, no ? So get yours HERE.