According to CultureFPV, BetaFPV is working on a 2 new quads: the Beta85X and the Beta85X HD.




It looks like:

  • a 85 mm frame
  • the canopy material is not anymore the same, it is a durable one
  • a VTX with smartaudio 25/200 mw
  • a lumenier antenna
  • a Caddx EOS 2 camera
  • an upgraded FC and ESC to support 3S and 4S LIPO
  • 1105/6000kv motors with 4 blade props
  • a buzzer
  • a led board

The motor seems to be 1105/6000kv with 4 blade props:

The other big news seems that BetaFPV is working on an HD version. Other contructors did that previously but the main problem was clearly the cost of the weight to embedded a Split Mini 2 or the Caddx Turtle 2.

Apparently BetaFPV will use the Caddx EOS 2 with an homemade solution for the DVR recording, to have something really light and to be able to record at 1080/60 FPS !

It is clearly a good choice and it will be really fun to play with that outside !

Are you ready for this quad ?