The EACHINE Trahscan is now available to buy, so it is the time to take a break and check the first reviews about it.

Is it still a good quad to buy for 99$ ? The EACHINE Trahscan is a brushless tiny whoop on 2S LIPO with a F4 board. It is one of the latest tiny whoop for the last 2018 and beginning of 2019, and you can use it with all common radio (Frsky/Flysky/Spektrum).

I took a look to all the incoming of the reviews for the Eachine Trashcan and here a quick summary about the advantages and drawkbacks of this one.

It seems really one of the best 2S at the moment (with the Beta75 Pro 2 and the TinyLeader).

Few drawbacks that we observed in similar 2S Brushless Tiny Whoop are now fixed in this version:

  • the frame is resistant, it doesn't break easily
  • the canopy seems strong, and the camera angle is really adjustable
  • the quality of the video is correct due to the Caddx camera, it is not anymore a cheap one
  • the XT30 connector (provided in the box) will give you a little bit more of flight time (as usual) if you solder it
  • no yaw washout ! It was really one of the biggest problem in these tiny whoops

So no real problem with it ? Well it seems really a good quality one but from all these videos I observed one.

We are cleary seeing a problem of jello during the video and described in some reviews. But it will be probably something possible to fix with another canopy (TPU one ?) to handle correctly the camera and remove this effect.