The new EACHINE VRD3 has been launched on december 2018, it's a new comer in the fpv google gear.

It is less than that < 60$ on banggood !


The ontent package is the following one:

  • The mask
  • A strap
  • 2 antennas
  • A micro usb wire
  • A micro fiber clothe


Once the strap and the antennas are installed, we can turn on the google.

There are 4 buttons, the menu is clear and minimalist.


I turn on my quad racer, and start the auto scan, which takes less than 15 seconds, then, we can manually adjust the frequence.

The screen is fixed and we can set the distance with a sliding system.

Diversity and dvr.

The diversity system is quite efficient, I have a good image with my 25mw vtx, the EACHINE VTX03S.

The reception quality is near from the EV800D, a good point.

The internal dvr doesn't suffer of lagging issues, as we can have on the first VRD2PRO.


Light and compact.

The format is really compact, it's perfect to win some space in the gear equipment box.

The VRD3 with the FRSKY X-LITE.


The size and the weight are really near from FATSKARKS google.


Only 311g.


An excellent screen.

The 3" screen has a 900x600 resolution, wich is higher than the EV800 D 5" screen, so, the pitch is fine.


The fov is correct on this 3 inch screen is near from a EV800D on 4/3 mode, if you have one, you can test, to have an idea.

The image size is correct, I setted the screen to the nearest position.

The best google for 60 dollars.

This VRD3 is probably the perfect choice for a budget gear, between the EV800 and the EV800D in term of price.

Here the video review of the VRD3 where I recorded the screen view from my SONY RX100, you will be able to have a good idea of the rendering (english subtitle).

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