This post is here (and will be refresh each time I see something that could be usefull) to give you the best ways and tricks to improve the flight with the Beta65X and Beta75X from BetaFPV. Out of the box these quads are nice but we can do better !!

LIPO 2 1S or 1 2S ?

For sure you will gain stability in the power provided to your quad and more longer flight if you switch the connector to a 2S, like an XT30 wire or JST.

But well if you want to switch from the current frame to a 2S LIPO, you will need to do some modification for the Beta65X. A good TPU part replacement could be this one that will fit perfectly for the NanoTech LIPO:

The best 2S that you will find are mainly the NanoTech (but more information from Nate Payne here):


The camera is "correct" but have some problems with light switching. So you can switch to a Caddx EOS2:


The canopy is clearly not good with the stock quads, so here my advice for a stronger one that will be usable for the stock camera and the caddx EOS2:


You will be able to find more canopies like:






You can get the NZ-GPS here:

3D Printing parts

Betaflight Settings

Nate Payne (one more time !) published a great document on how to fix the washout with the Beta75X quad.

Basically, according to him, all you have to do in BetaFlight is the following:

  1. Enable "I Term Relax" (a new feature in Betaflight 3.5).
  2. Leave the "I Term Relax" options at their defaults. This helps to reduce i-term blowouts
  3. Lower the Yaw P to 65 and increase Feed Forward (another BF 3.5 feature) to 96/96/100 for roll/pitch/yaw (respectively). This preserves the same responsive feel but reduces oscillations!

He did also a good video about that:

And he did also a good writeup with lot of details !

Thanks to Mr ShutterBug / Nate Payne for his work on this quad. Check his videos, it is really cool !