Full Speed is a well known company that did great quad in the past, like the 3 inch FSD Leader, or more recently with th 2.5 inch FSD Leader.

What I like with these quads is the good quality of all elements they use. For example the camera is the CADDX Micro Turbo F2, so it is definitively something that you will not change ;)

So now, they are doing a brushless tiny whoop: the TinyLeader !

You can preorder it HERE from FullSpeed or here from Banggood. And the HD version HERE from FullSpeed

So here the prices (without shippment):






The main specifications are the following:

  • 75mm plastic + carbon frame (1mm)
  • A TPU canopy with different colors (yellow is the different one, but from their website you will be to order any colors that they have)
  • Caddx Micro F2 camera with angle adjustable
  • FSD TX600 VTX(pit/25/100/200/400/600mw 48CH with IRCTramp)
  • FSD 1103-11000kv motor
  • FSD408 F4 FC(16*16 hole, with BetaFlight > 3.5)
  • FSD408 8A 4in1 ESC (16*16 hole)
  • 40mm 4-blade prop
  • frsky/flysky/dsm2/dsmx/pnp receiver
  • A TPU battery support to hold it
  • About 43g without battery, support 2-3s LIPO battery

The weight is clearly not bad, for example the Beta75X is 41g so 2 more grams but with a 3S LIPO capability !

Main elements, like the flight controller/esc/motors seems similar to the lead of the market right now (Beta75X).


Full Speed will release also a DIY kit for this quad where you can change the wire connectors of the motors, so basically you will be able to do your own combo and have biggers motors if you want ;)

I like really the VTX with multiple power, and it seems to be an ImmersionRC Tramp, so it is good quality for the VTX and definitively not a cheap one !

Let's talk about the frame. It is really not a classical one that we have seen with these news brushless tiny whoops. It is not a unibody frame, but it is composed of 4 indepedent plastic ducts, attached together with a piece of carbon !



You could ask why because it is the first time that we are seeing such frame. The main problem that we observed with quad like the Beta75X is the washout. It is possible to reduce it a lot with some tunings, but some users are still getting it, because it mainly depends on how you flight. But why do we have this behavior ? The first reason is probably that the motors are so powerfull for the size that the frame distord a little bit that's result in some washout.

Full Speed thinks that this kind of frame could avoid this problem, so let's see some reviews to have the final word !

The props are also lower from the duct's level, in order to protect them more, and also you will not see any duct or props during your flight !

Here an example of what you will see:

I contacted Lewis Lee and asked him few questions about the TinyLeader (Thank you !)

1/ What will be the main difference between the TinyLeader and others brushless tiny whoop ?
(Lewis Lee)

  • Better camera and VTX, camera angle adjustable (about 15-40degrees).
  • Support higher voltage like 3S lipo.
  • Stronger frame and less resistance during the flight.
  • Shark fin design. Better for turtle mode.

2/ About the frame, by using plastic + carbon, what is the solidity of it compared to others ?
(Lewis Lee)

  • This design will let us to get the harder frame, which will be better for stable flight.
  • Independent plastic duct design so people don’t need to worry that they need to swich the whole frame when they only break a duct.

3/ Are you planning to release an HD version of the TinyLeader ?
(Lewis Lee) Yes we are (caddx turtle v2)

4/ We know that we can have 2/3 minutes with the existing tiny whoop. What will be the benefits of a 3S LIPO for that ?
(Lewis Lee)

  • We suggest to run the TinyLeader whoop with 2S 300-450mAH or 3S 250-300mAH Lipo batter. 2S for indoor flight and 3S for outdoor. Of course we can run the 3S for indoor racing game.
  • On the other hand. 3S can provide more power for the HD version.

5/ I like the canopy and I have always wondering why you are not doing a full canopy to protect more on the side the FC+ESC ?
(Lewis Lee)

  • For the better looking and lighter weight.
  • Better for the VTX’s cooling. Don’t forget the TinyLeader’s VTX can run to 600mw.

6/ Could we have it for Christmas ? ;)
(Lewis Lee) It is very possible for you to get if before Christmas. The earlier to place the order, the faster to receive the funny TinyLeader lol.

I hope that I will be able to provide a full review and confirm all the information I provided about it in this post !

To finish, few more videos about some flights with it: