The MOBULA 7 is a very light tiny racer, powered by 0802 16000kv motors with a 2s battery (2x250ma 1s livh lipo) and it weights only 28g.

You will find all the detailed specs on the banggood page. Moreover the price is less than 100$ right now.

The package is complete, I have chosen the FRSKY non-EU version for my X-LITE.

The MOBULA 7 with its predecessor, the funny 1s tiny whoop, the UK65.

The CRAZYBEE F3 PRO is equiped with led.

The 2 250 lihv lipos, wich offer a good power and a big punch to the MOBULA 7, i am not sure if the XT30 mod is necessary with 0802 motors.
Even after 15 cycles, they are still vigorous, i guess they last a moment before showing weakness signs.

Only 41g in flight, the MOBULA is like a woop with a big punch, that's very fun.

The main default of the MOBULA 7 is the frame weakness, as the UK65 is, but this time, the speed is not the same at all.
I guess a carbon frame swap should be a nice thing to make this tiny racer lasting longer.
Here I was testing twin blades configuration (from modified guenuine) I tested too 3 blades props (kingkong), and I was surprised that both of these setup made the MOBULA 7 flying pretty well.

The MOBULA 7 is really perfect inside, it can fly as a 1s woop even on 2s.
I didn't tried the 1s mod, it's useless, you have even more control than a UK65, it's amazing, you just have to take care no to move the sticks too quickly in small indoor spaces.
But if you want to make real punch out, you may need a big indoor aera, at least 100, or 200m2, and you can go outside to fly, it's very fun, but one condition: no wind, if it's windy, you will have to take your 2.5 / 3" racer, you will have more fun with it than the MOBULA 7, wich is too light for windy outside garden.

I was surprised by the punch and overall performances, wich are really close from the BETA75X, yet on 1103 motors, but heavier too.
I guess the setup chosen by HAPPYMODEL is a good solution for a good ratio.
The BETA75X of the comparison is equiped with an EOS 2 camera and a TPU canopy, wich bring additionnal weight, and each gram is important on these nano racers.

DARK MOBULA 7, some modifications to mount the fc over m2 nylon spacers.

Full (french) review with indoor and outdoor night racing parts (go to in 1m25 to watch them).

Comparison between my 3" ultra light favorite racer, the KAIDJU MR139, and the MOBULA 7, outside, with no wind of course, it's just a quick test, one session for the 3" and one for the woop.
I was suprised to see the good time realized by the MOBULA 7, as a near level with the KAIDJU, even if i was not pushing the limits with this one (i needed more than one flight with the KAIDJU to go faster), but that's impresive to see this little woop flying at this speed in the garden.

Short home track, you can fly with this 2s woop as any other tradional woop from "old generation".

Little wood track, crossed at hight speed, it was not windy this morning so i decided to push the limits in this area, good performances, but still heavy propwah at big breaks, a known problem on this format, but this one doesn't suffer of washout issues as the BETA75X can have with its basic setup.


I really discovered the woop with the UK65, wich, despite his lack of power at landing, was very fun in the living room, but with the MOBULA 7, we enter in a new game, it's like if it was a 3" fast racer, with less power of course, but with a perfect ratio for indoor area.
It's very fun too in garden if no wind at all, i really insit on this point, because if this windy, forget it and take your 2.5 / 3" light racer.
The CRAZYBEE F3 does the job, even if we can benefit of the 8k 8k configuration (i only fly in accro) but it flies well like that, i just set the D à 19 / 20.
The aio camera does the job, and the image reception is quite good too (25mw limited).

It's an excellent tiny racer, the main default is the frame weakness, concerning the canopy, i didn't break it for the moment, i juste put some hot glue to protect to lens and i fixed the tilt to the max (around 33 degrees) i fly like that inside or outside, no problem with the 170 degree fov.
The 1s lihv lipo batteries seem to last a little bit, as the eachine i tested with the UK65, so, i don't feel the need to swich to 2s lipo as the BETA75X.

I guess HAPPYMODEL can bring improvements to its first shot, and what a first shot, it's amazing! a new way to practise fpv racing is coming with this kind of machine.