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It is Black Friday and here the few specs about the new EACHINE (this post will be update regurlaly with new information). The name is "TRASHCAN".

It is now available on Banggood.

  • 99$ !!!!!
  • 75mm frame
  • FC: CrazybeeF4Pro
  • ESC: 4 in 1, 5A continuous peak 7A, dshot 600
  • Weight: 33g
  • led ready with an area to put them
  • camera: CADDX EOS2 4:3
  • vtx: 25/200 mw with smartaudio
  • LIPO: it seems right now two JST 2.0 connectors for 1S LIPO :(
  • motor: 0803/16000kv
  • receiver: frsky non eu, flysky, spektrum dsm2/dsmx, pnp

It seems possible to move easily the camera like in the mobula7. But clearly having a CADDX EOS2 for a 2S on such prices is really cool !

Here few photos: