For black friday BetaFPV release a new version of the Beta75X.

It is exactly the same frame but few things are different:

  • Continue Current : Upgraded from 6A to 10A. More punch you will get with 10A ESC board.
  • LED Board: This little LED (WS2812) will make the 75X outstand from the others. Just a little flare will get people's attention and the flying experience amzing.
  • Package & Outlook: This time, the little beast 75X is transformed to crazy evil with evil canopy and props. Exclusive package box with skeleton printed is only avaialble during BFCM.



I think the color of the canopy is really nice and the led was really a missing part !

It seems the ESC board supports up to 10A, I'm curious to see the impact compared to the 6A !