Winter is coming and it is time to do your 3 inch quad to fly indoor !

It is the first article for a serie of articles/videos about "building your 3 inch quad for winter" with mainly Racestar and Eachine components.

Racestar/Eachine will do multiple giveaways (thanks to them !) for each main electronic components that I will use for the build, but even if you don't win I will explaining all the steps to do your own at home !

For each individual part, I will do a review and you will be able to win the prize by adding a comment in the video (all details will be in the next video) !

I took my list of 3 inch frame to choose a simple frame, not expensive, available and with a TPU canopy to protect the FC + ESC.

So I decided to pick up the last one that I added in my list. It is a frame from FlightClub, the Phuket frame.



I choose this one for multiples reasons:

  • it is a 3 inch frame, 3.5mm 45 degree rotated carbon fiber frame. And you can also take the 4 inc frame !
  • the design is simple and you have a good variety of colors for the canopy
  • it is a 30x30 hole (or 20x20) for the FC/ESC
  • it supports 14XX/15XX motors


So we need good motors for this 3 inch and Racestar have that in stock. It is a 1507/3600KV so perfect for this tiny quad and it supports 2-4S:


To fit in the canopy of the Phuket we will need an "All In One" Flight Controller + ESC, and one more time Racestar have a good one that support up to 30A and 4S.

We will need also a micro camera to fit correctly in the TPU canopy, so here we go with a combo of VTX + Camera from Eachine:

And that's mainly all ! For the propellers and the receiver, I will see what we could use, but I will certainly choose the best ration between the quality and the price ;)

I will go in details with a video and an article for all main components and explain step by step how to build it, so it is perfect for a beginner that want to start FPV during this winter with something durable and fun to fly !

All the giveaway results will be announce on my Youtube channel and on Eachine Instagram.

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