When I started FPV my first think about my glasses was not a problem. Because I don't see correctly far with my eyes so by wearing goggles I thought it was ok, because the screen is close. It was my first BIG mistake :)

So I decided to start this "hobby" by getting a simple goggle box like this

and it was really a bad experience. Why I choose this goggle box you could ask me ? Well it was really cheap, and I read somewhere that people that don't see far correctly will not see well in a goggle because you need a good far vision :) So most of the advices were to get a goggle box because you can wear your glasses. But the resolution was really bad, and even if I used a good receiver the quality of the video was a pain and it was really difficult to see all objects correctly. So I was waiting the Eachine EV200D to do the jump to a real goggle.

This goggle are really a good deal and I don't think that the price of some others are really correct (maybe it is another mistake). So like many people I used the fatshark lens from banggood

It was clearly better with these lenses but far to see correctly and without problem all things in the goggle, like the OSD for example. After some search on the web I found RHO-LENS company can provide some lenses for my exact medical prescription. It make really sense for me that a company could do that for around 60$ so I tried because if I can see correctly like with my glasses it will be a real benefit ! And it is ! I can see all details like with my current glasses that now I can't do without these lenses.

So the only thing to do is to fill the form on their website, and you need medical presciption of your current glasses to have the exact values that they ask.

Basically they ask you the following information for each eye:

  • sphere: Given in steps of 0.25 diopters.
  • cylinder: To correct astigmatism. Given in steps of 0.25 diopters.
  • ax: cylinder axis from 0° to 180°. (That's in TABO notation, which is used in 99.9% of all prescriptions all over the world.)
  • PD: pupil distance. From 20 to 40 millimeter. Default value is 32 mm.

In few days you will get such things (except the goggle !)

Well I did a review in a video where you could see what it looks like and how to insert them in your goggles (not difficult) and of course during the video you will be able to get (it is display during the watching) the code to have a 10% of discount if you order some lens for you !

I hope this article will help new (or not yet converted) pilot to do the jump without any hesitation, because it is so good after that !!