The MR139 KAIDJU is a light, fast, durable and abordable mini racer (3").


It is a very light drone for a 3" racer with 3mm spare arms.

  • carbon parts (Armattan) is less than 15g
  • a classic build without lipo is around 80g


The MR139 KAIDJU could be use in a lot of different situations:

  • indoor racing: very hight performance on small area (for little space, you can use 2s lipo to reduce power)
  • outdoor racing: it can flight against 5" quads on 4s on outdoor tracks (OLERON 2018 race).
  • freeride: you can fly around 14min with *1050 mah 3s lipo *
  • freestyle: hd cam ready (as the split mini) with the canopy build (around 95g in hd configuration).

The MR139 is really cheap, only 34$ for the full kit and spare parts are cheapper too, and you will certainly break less of material on crash with the KAIDJU :)

CARBON PARTS / FULL KIT (around 30 days world wide delivery):

3D TPU PARTS (free download):

You can protect the chamfered arms with 4 x MR139 soft mount bumper tpu, moreover, it will increase performance by soft mounting motors.


Canopy is perfect for a custom design, 5g only, but strong enough to crash fast.

Canopy is RUNCAM MINI SPLIT 2 compatible.

Cam holder and top plate bumper are used for top plate build only.

Top plate build is perfect for a 20mm low profile design.

Soft mount bumper protect the chamfered arms and reduce motor's vibrations.

3mm Fc mount are used to reduce fc stack height, real fc soft mount are more efficient over standard 5 / 6mm nylon spacers.


In a small garden racing on 3s

Outdoor racing

Indoor racing

A recommanded setup for this frame is:

The screws / 3d parts (not included):

  • top plate build:
  1. screws
    8 x m3 8mm
    4 x m3 6mm
    3 x 20mm m3 aluminium standoff (or 25mm if you need more space)
    8 x m3 nut
    1 x m3 nylon nut

  2. 3d parts
    2 x MR139 cam holder tpu
    1 x MR139 top bumper tpu (really needed if 20mm standoff, to protect the cam)

  • canopy build:
  1. screws
    6 x m3 8mm
    2 x m3 10mm
    2 x m3 6mm
    8 x m3 nut
    props 8 x m2 7mm (included with the D1106)


New spare arms, the standard 11xx spare arms stay available and are the most recommanded models for the KAIDJU, but new experiences will be possible with these others solutions.

KAIDJU 3" 11/14xx arm.
3" propos, 1102 to 1408 motors.

KAIDJU 4" arm.
4" props, 13xx to 2205 motors.

KAIDJU 5" arm.
5" props, 13xx to 2205 motors.