I got the UK65 from Banggood and it is really an awesome tiny drone !

So in the box you will have:

  • the UK/US65 drone :)
  • 3 LIHV batteries !
  • 4 spare propellers
  • a screw to umount/mount it if you need
  • a lipo charger
  • a document to explain how it works



The nice thing is that you can charge the 3 LIHV batteries with this charger at 4.35V per cell directly from a DC input (12V) or another LIPO (XT60). As a bonus you have also an USB output if you want to charge another thing !

Basically you don't need to do something if you want to fly with it directly. If you have an FrSky transmitter you will be able to have telemetry information and all you need is to discover new sensors via your radio:


Moreover this tiny quad have SmartPort and SmartAudio protocol directly configured. So if you have OpenTX + FrSky radio, the only thing that you have to do is to copy betaflight scripts on your sd card. With this feature you will be able to change the PID/rates/etc and VTX configuration dynamically from your radio.

I did some flights and I'm getting around 2/3 minutes per flight, so I'm trying to get better batteries that could feet in the frame but it seems not easy :/

Eachine started to provides some spare parts via Banggood. I like partucarly the new canopy/frame for other countries
UK65 Canopies
UK65 frames

And of course classical spare parts (camera/motor/...):