Few months ago I ordered the Lizard95 from Banggood. I saw many reviews on it and I saw it many times too.

It was really a good and bad surprise ! I got a broken camera, the image was really horrible and I got weird pixels on it. Fortunately, Banggood changes it for free so I have been able to play with it.


You will be able to find many reviews about it on rcgroups and on others blogs so I will not go with that in this post.

I will focus on what things I did to improve my flights !

Probably the first tiny modification to do is to change the velcro for the battery because the one provided is really poor quality. After multiple search I found that the 3M dual lock is perfect. You cut a piece for the drone and one for the battery and it is amazing how it is strong and easy to remove !


You will notice that you don't have a lot of space on the bottom of the drone to lock the battery, so I suggest to 3D print one of these parts to have a correct support for the battery and the dual lock:


I'm still using the default camera provided by Banggood:

I'm not really sure why the "replacement" camera I got is not the same as the default camera sent with the drone, but it seems a better one and I have not noticed any problem with the temperature with it, contrary to the default one.

You can change the frequency by clicking on the only button.


and change the 25mw/100mw power by doing a long press, and an indication is done via a blue led (on = 100 mw, off = 25mw)

Please note that is only a NTSC camera and not a PAL.

I will try to update this part when I will get a DVR :)

I saw some people embedded RunCam Micro Swift so it seems that you can do if you want. I have not been able to do it, because I don't have this camera, and unfortunately I don't have access to a 3D printer for TPU :(


The stock battery from EACHINE is really good, and they have a lot of spare.


It is a 3S, 11.1 V, 550 mah, 40C rate, 44.5 grams and with an XT30 connector.

I searched across posts and blog what could be a good battery for such drone, and I think that the Tattu (3S, 11.1 V, 450 mah, 75 C rate, 42 grams) are really nice.


I'm really doing better flights with the Tattu compared to the stock one, and I have not really good numbers but I'm sure that I did longer flights.


The default propellers are good but not too strong when you crashed :(

I tried the Gemfan Hulkie 2040 and they are really awesome and durable (and you have multiple colors)


If you want to improve the protection for the drone and the propellers you can use these propellers guard !


So finally with these modifications the look of the drone is totally different and you will enjoy it !


"That's all folks !"