Since the last months, I started FPV flight and to build my own drones.

This blog is here to show my reviews on some products and to share with you a little bit of experience to help beginners !

I explored multiple ways to do my own micro quad (brushed + < 15cm) for FPV. This post could be a good guide for people that want to try their first steps into FPV with a micro quad.

FPV Parts


The frame is really one of the most important part in the quad and you should choose it carefully. With tiny quad we don't have too much choices in the frame and they are all done in one block (if you break an arm, you will need to change the whole frame).

3D Printing your own frame

3D Printing a quad frame is probably the most interesting option if you want to learn things around 3D Printing but not the cheapest one (except if you have already access to a 3D Printer). For the best and durable frame, you must print with Nylon support. I tried multiples PLA frame and it is clearly not strong :/


I tried different frames for 8.5 mm motor and I selected few models that you can download on thingiverse.

The first one is the most famous frame for micro quad on thingiverse. It is a 105 mm frame, available for multiples motor size (8.5/7 mm), 55 mm propeller, and fit well for these flight controllers:
Eachine F3 FrSky
Eachine F3 FlySky
Eachine F3 DSM2
FlySky Micro Scisky
FrSky Micro Scisky

The frame is really good, you have a space for the tiny camera, and the fligh controller board is protected with a case:

Personnaly to maintain the case + the camera correctly I used a simple elastic and it works perfectly (please sure to do multiple rounds).

The second frame is a 120 mm frame but it is only for 8.5 mm motor, for 65 mm propeller ! Please note that this frame fit perfectly with the EACHINE F3 Controller for brushed motor that I reviewed here too. This frame is really good and with the 65 mm propeller your will notice more thrust compared to the previous frame, so it is big win for such tiny quad, and it is the best "open source" frame I found for 3D Printing.

Buy one !

For few dollars you can have also really good frame and maybe stronger and durable if you use only PLA like me.

On Banggood you will be able to find these frames for brushed motors:

Unfortunaltly I have not get this frame but they looks good and cheap.

From BetaFPV you can get this tiny whoop frame for 85 mm motors for only 4.50$ and you will be able to fit the second flight controller board that I referred later:

This frame is really good and the canopy could protect your camera + Flight Controller Board. The only problem that I can see is that you need to buy one of their camera to fit perfectly in the canopy. I tried with the camera I got but it was not a great success and you will need to modify the canopy :(

Flight Controller board

The best and cheapest FC that I found is the Eachine AIOF3_BRUSHED . The board is cheap and you have built-in receiver with OSD (Frsky/Flysky/DSM2/DSMX).

You have another good one which works perfectly with the 120 mm frame (but without OSD) is the
Eachine 32bits F3 Brushed Flight Controller Board Based On SP RACING F3 EVO For Micro FPV Frame.


I have not got access to many motors. I got orignally the Eachine motors from my QX70 quad and if I compared them to the Racerstar 8520 8.5x20mm 53500RPM, the latest one are really better.


Please note that you will need 4 motors (of course :)) but 2 clockwise motor (with red/blue wire), and 2 anti-clockwise motor (with black/white wire) and put them in your frame like that and soldered them correctly to your FC controller too:


The KingKong 65 mm propellers is really a good deal and I haven't break one of them !

The Walkera QR Ladybird 65 mm Propellers are cheap and good but I noticed multiples times that the motor could eject them easily due to a poor connection with it.

If you choosed to use the BetaFPV frame for 85 mm motor, go ahead to their own propellers they are awesome and really STRONG:


I got a Spektrum Dx6i in the past, so I'm still using it (DSMX protocol)

But I hope that you will be able to test the FrSky X-Lite radio !

RX Receiver

Most of the flight controller board for brushed motors embedded directly an RX receiver to communicate with your radio.

I have a Spektrum radio so I decided to use this external receiver with the second flight controller board.

VTX + Camera

Well I got MANY cameras :) On a tiny quad like that, you can't have a separate vtx and camera, so you need to get both in one piece.


Good camera that I tested are:

1S Battery

I tested many batteries and the best I found is the Turnigy nano tech 600 mah, 35 ~ 70C

This LIPO is really good and directly with a JST plug !

It seems that Micro Motor WareHouse have really good 1S battery but unfortunately I don't have any one to compare.

In order to charge your battery, I don't have any good LIPO charger right now and I used an old one. But please use a fireproof bag, i.e:


I don't have really good goggles right now, and I'm still using my Quanum DIY FPV Goggle V2 w/5 inch LCD Monitor:

The only upgrade that I did is to used the Quanum RC540R 5.8GHz 40CH Race Band FPV diversity Receiver.


Build it

If you want to assemble it, it is really not difficult but you will need to solder the motor to the board (and my maybe the rx receiver). Be carefull to solder correctly the GND (black wire) and +5V (red wire), by looking into the spec of the card. You will need also to solder the OSD if you have one with the board.

After few iterations, I got the following drones.




Buy a BNF/RTF micro

If you are lazy to build one youself, I spotted multiple good drone that you can buy:

"That's all folks !"